There doesn't seem to be an expiration date on Lionel Messi's brilliance.

He conquered his first Ballon d'Or in 2009 and now, ten years on, he's won his sixth.

A decade has come and gone, but Messi is still on top, leading us to wonder: how long will he last?

Some argue his best days are already behind him, but then he delivers a match-winning performance like against Atletico Madrid on Sunday and they fall silent again

Maintaining this otherworldly level of performance for a decade has already been phenomenal, but he could still go for a few more years yet.

Maradona's 30s

Diego Maradona left Barcelona to become king of the world. He won the World Cup in 1986 and stole hearts in Napoli, leading them to two Serie A titles.

It was at 30 that his form started nosediving, but he was already a God.

Johan Cruyff's downturn started at 27 after his last Ballon d'Or.

Pele, from another galaxy

Pele went on longer. He won his first World Cup in 1958 at 18. Twelve years on he won his third and then things started to slow down.

Other sports are different though. Michael Jordan waited until he was 28 for his first NBA win and his last came at 35.

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are still bossing tennis. The Swiss is 38 now and the Spaniard 33.

The Serb is still 32 and he's still going at the elite level.

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