The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) have rejected Barcelona's appeal against the red card Ousmane Dembele was shown against Sevilla.

The Frenchman was sent off and subsequently handed a two-game ban after directing insulting language at referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz.

Barcelona appealed the decision on the grounds that Dembele's Spanish isn't good enough to use the language he used.

"FC Barcelona consider the expelled player to not have pronounced the words "MUY MALO, MUY MALO [very bad, very bad - directed at referee]" but "MUY MAL, MUY MAL [very bad, very bad - in general] instead," reads Barcelona's appeal.

"This error of judgement from the referee could have come because of the player's lack of expertise in his use of Spanish, as well as the large distance between the referee and him, meaning that he could've understood or heard the words incorrectly."

"From the video proof given, the existence of said error cannot be valued given that, in no moment is the conduct of the expelled player described in the officiating report seen; there are only images of the referee in the presence of up to six Barcelona players protesting, presumably, their disagreement with the sending-off of Dembele to later see how said player walks off to leave the field of play," the statement from the Appeals Committee reads.

"As a result, the video evidence given can't be considered as a bit of evidence to distort, in this case, the contents of the officiating report nor give value nor declare the existence of a material error, according to article 27.3 of the Disciplinary Code of the RFEF.

"In attention of the exposed, the Appeals Committee of the Spanish Football Federation. AGREEMENT: Reject the appeal formulated by FC Barcelona."

Sezione: Primer equipo / Data: Ven 18 ottobre 2019 a las 23:30 / Fuente: Marca
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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