Barcelona will travel to Cordoba to take part in the Spanish Super Cup semi-final on Wednesday. They will go to Sevilla by plane then drive in a coach to Cordoba for the game. They face Real Sociedad there.

This journey was something that happened too in 2012, when they faced Cordoba in the Copa del Rey in the Nuevo Arcangel. One of the players then, Gerard Pique, took to Twitter to criticise the lack of an airport in the Andalusian city.

“After landing in Sevilla, 1h 30min coach ride heading to Cordoba. It must be the only city in this country that doesn’t have an airport,” wrote Pique on the social network.

The centre-back is not available this time out because of injury so he will not have to make the trip. Some criticised Pique for the Tweet at the time and he hit back at their “intellectual level”.

Flying to Sevilla is the quickest way to Cordoba - it would take five hours to get there by train from the Catalan capital.

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Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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