Diario SPORT has been made aware of the contents of a letter that the first team players are giving to Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu. The players are complaining in this letter that the club informed them by email, while most were away on international duty, that in only 15 days they will have to negotiate over a paycut. 

The squad think that this is not the right way to ask for something like this and it should have been done in person.

The squad members are also surprised and indignant at the lack of information given to them. It's a process they are not part of and they are accusing the board of cutting salaries and at the same time, having invested money and spent a lot recently. That, for the players, is incongruous.

They are also not happy that only one player will be representing the players at the meeting over pay cuts to come, out of 13. They are asking the club for real representation at the negotiating table.

The squad remind Barcelona that in the first pay cut, the players themselves accepted it and even went above and beyond to stop the ERTE cuts affecting other workers.

Sezione: Primer equipo / Data: Lun 19 ottobre 2020 a las 15:30 / Fuente: Sport
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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