Diego Maradona is considered as a God among humans by Napoli fans, and he is certain that Lionel Messi will never achieve what he achieved in Italy.

However, the 1986 World Cup winner has indicated that he would have been happy to see a player of his compatriot's calibre play for the Serie A side.

"I would have liked to face him," Maradona said after the match between Gimnasia and Sportivo Barracas.

"Messi comes to the [Stadio San Paolo when he is in decline.

"He did not experience what I experienced.

"That is the plus for Leo, but he can play quietly in Naples.

"He will not be able to do what I did, but I wish we Neapolitans had a Messi.

"They unfairly fill him with pressure, what is it to go about comparing players [that featured] 20 years apart?"

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