Thieves steal exclusive Neymar interview

16.07.2019 00:01 de Stefano Bentivogli   Ver lecturas
Fuente: Marca
© foto de Antonello Sammarco/Image Sport
Thieves steal exclusive Neymar interview

An exclusive interview with Neymar that should have been broadcast on Monday at midday CET on Brazilian television has not been aired after it was stolen.

Neymar has constantly been in the news just recently, firstly over the alleged rape and then more recently when Paris Saint-Germain reportedly said that he could leave the club for the right price.

According to UOL Esporte, their journalist's vehicle was robben just after the current PSG man had spoken to them.

The interview was first scheduled to be aired on Friday, but the date and time was changed to today, which suggests that the changes were made to facilitate the robbery.

The whole world was eagerly awaiting the release of the interview, given the intense speculation over Neymar's uncertain future.

However, Neymar stipulated that he would only agree to do the interview if he was not asked about the alleged rape case or his future.

Another copy of the interview may be available after YouTube channel Oh My Goal contacted UOL Esporte and made them aware they also had a camera rolling at the time.