Neymar's absence will cost him this month's behaviour bonus of 375,000 euros

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Neymar's absence will cost him this month's behaviour bonus of 375,000 euros

There was a sense of bemusement last year when it was revealed by Football Leaks that there is a clause in Neymar's contract that sees him financially rewarded for good behaviour, but he will not be paid the 375,000 euros of this bonus this month because of his failure to turn up for the start of pre-season training.

All Paris Saint-Germain players have these kinds of bonuses in their contracts, even those in the academy and in other sections, and it common across France because clubs cannot fine players part of their fixed wages.

Instead, they can withhold this bonus in the case of poor behaviour and this money goes to the PSG charity.

PSG have denied reports which claimed Neymar earned this bonus for applauding fans, as it's much more than than.

"It is for exemplary behaviour towards sponsors, opponents, referees and officials and for punctuality and effort in training," the club says.

"Even respect towards the media is one of the parts of this behavioural bonus."

Delays or unsavoury comments made by PSG players can cost them their bonuses and there have been a few instances in recent memory where it has been applied.

Serge Aurier, Adrien Rabiot, Edinson Cavani and Marco Verratti are some of the players to have had it withheld in the past, for offences ranging from criticism of teammates to late return from holiday, just like the current situation with Neymar.

While Neymar's overall salary is 34 million euros, he won't collect this bonus when his July pay packet comes in.